(Year) Change Companion

What's this?

Dear fellow human,

I am happy you found your way here!

I wanted to share some things I learned along my path - as a gift to interested people.
Also I felt an urge to fiddle with new tech stuff... and I needed a creative outlet for the quiet time of this special year. :)

*Drumroll* let me introduce: the (Year) Change Companion!

May it brighten and deepen also YOUR transition from 2020 to 2021.

- Cosima

PS: The Change Companion has been and still is a passion project for me; that is also why it took me a bit more time to implement than I initially thought. There are currently missing the last days of the full four weeks; I'll be adding them once I'll be having some quiet creative time again. Until then I wish you much joy and insights while browsing what already IS there!

Week 4: Sowing seeds - Focussing - Get Moving

and maybe some bonus content...