Day 8 - Overview Week 2

Letting go & Harvesting in Action

A Christmas Boat from 2019 on Lake Constance. This year this is unimaginable with the ongoing pandemic; my memories last as a powerful resource. Letting go & harvesting in action.

On Letting go & Harvesting

One of the feedbacks on the first week was the wish to get an overview what might be offered throughout the week. Also an introduction to the week's topic was suggested. Thanks for that!

Each change, be it a year change, a job or work change, a change of context, a change in a relationship (no matter if this is a team, a company, family, friends) - each change that is handled humanely includes Respecting and Appreciating of 'what is' (see e.g. Week 1 - Abundance for inspiration).

It also includes a part of Letting go. Letting go of things, people, ... to be able to immerse ourselves into the new and unknown.

And also, "persisting" the learnings, reviewing... to strengthen ourselves for the new situations. In other words: harvesting the fruits of experience to be invorgated and confident so that the new and unknown can be cocreate and lived to the best possible.

Since quite a while I am using for various "Letting go & Harvesting" phases (not just for a year change) a powerful combination of creating and using an Ecocycle [1, 2] together with insights and data from my ongoing journaling process [3] - both in business and for non-business purposes

Topics of this week