Day 18 - Recharging through Sharing

Individual Gratitude & Shared Gratitude

The two inspirations on gratitude so far (on Day 1 and Day 9 (Gratitude for What Is)) focussed on each one of us individually.

Being able to perceive the good stuff around us and to feel gratitude in ourselves is essential. It's essential because if we cannot feel it for ourselves, gratitude is hard to pass on to other humans.

Now a next step to unleashing the full potential of authentic gratitude is: to share it with others.

How to do this? you might ask...

Sharing isn't "just" caring - sharing is DOUBLING the joy

Here are two possible ways to start sharing your gratitude:

  1. Share what YOU personally are grateful for with others.
    It's just a tiny step more, coming from the practises from Day 1 or Day 9. You might be surprised how inspiring YOUR perception of gratitude will be to others!

  2. Share with people close to you (e.g. family, friends) that you're grateful for them.
    Too often in our busy lives we tend to "forget" or overlook this... yet telling our fellow humans THAT they matter to us and WHY can make a big difference for the both parties.

And of course a third possibility is to share our gratitude for others freely with anyone. Imagine how happy a bus driver or grocery story worker might feel if you thank them authentically for their "usual" service - because if they won't do their work, essential parts of our everyday lives would be missing.

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