Day 15 - Overview Week 3

Pausing & Recharging in Action

One new habit I started with pandemic this year is extensive night walks.

Bars are either closed or not the place to be right now. So after work a long walk (e.g. along the riverside) helps me to unwind.
It helps to pause between long days in front of a computer.
It helps to recharge after a day full of people work.

On Pausing & Recharging... and Choosing Seeds

Adding to what I wrote last week about the first two weeks of:

this third week of Change Companion adds one more aspect of organic change: pausing & recharging... and choosing new "seeds".
(a sneak-peek on week 4: Those new seeds will then be consciously sown and tended. :-))

In case you're wondering about that organic view on change, looking into the sources on Ecocycle [1, 2] might be useful.

Topics of the next days